Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Soviet Britain Launches New Slavery Scheme

Read it and weep.

Firms could be forced to send employees’ pay directly to the Government first so that officials can deduct the right amount of tax before earnings can be banked. Plans to replace the Pay As You Earn system – where companies calculate and withhold tax themselves – come after HM Revenue and Customs admitted billions of pounds are not being collected. Officials believe a more centralised system could help eradicate the current problem where nearly 10 per cent of cash owed to the Exchequer goes unpaid.

This is legalised theft by a bunch of legalised thieves. A big brother orwellian proposal and a totalitarian nightmare that would effectively make every working person a state employee overnight.

They will soon be issuing Beer Tokens after you have filled in a twenty page assessment to prove you are not a binge drinker, fat people would, after a medical by the Government Quacks be issued vouchers for healthy food only, car drivers, after a retest costing £60 deducted from the wages that the taxman already has, and filling in a risk assessment costing £30 on the car they drive, could cut greenhouse gasses by only being issued enough petrol vouchers to get to work and back plus one shopping trip. .

But MPs because of their special position in society would be exempt, so would royalty, so would business leaders and contributors to party funding of course...

They make communist China sound good. These Government institutions are there to serve us, yet they are hellbent on enslavement.

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