Friday, 10 March 2017

Despotic Public Sector Nepotism

Forget complaining to the Minister for Justice in order to reveal, to no effect, how corrupt acts against us by the Revenue has been maneuvered out of the way by the time we attend Tribunal proceedings. It’s a waste of time.

Such fraudulent cases against the electorate deserve to be heard in ‘open courts’ divorced from public sector chicanery. Cancerous complaint procedures run by civil servants and quangos are killing off our freedoms. No one acknowledges this particular public sector corruption! We seem to be calling for probity amongst wholesale deceit!

Open courts can give victims of such corruption a voice to air their grievances, allowing governmental miscreants to give account of themselves out in the open, and not hide behind a panzer division of public sector gravy train lawyers, as happened in many cases. Citizen complaint arrangements designed to prevent or uncover abuses by public authorities are a sham! The ‘old pals act’ reigns supreme.

It has long been hoped by serious academic studies that this squalid public sector contempt for honest public duty, be countered by strong accountability arrangements, designed as one academic suggested rather optimistically, "To keep the bastards honest". Such a refreshing observation; certainly no one within the public sector tells it as it is.

Citizens however now see, because of more critical/transparent information available to them, that public officials and agencies are something of a charade. The often repeated ‘Lessons will be Learned’ excuse is now seen as being disingenuous, no more than a cheap ‘get out of jail apology’, allowing for more cock ups to be perpetrated later on.

After 4 years we have learned that there is a serious lack of accountability within HMRC, parliament and the civil service. These public sector abominations feed off each other, enabling the gravy train culture and contempt towards the public to coagulate and thrive as a dung heap might, putting the welfare of the nation at risk!

One is appalled at the blatant spiv-like parliament mentality of fiddling ‘within the rules’ whilst our soldiers, poorly equipped, are sent to fight an unwinable war! We have moved into a world where unworldly members of parliament, too busy with sleazy expense accounts, are blindly delegating to ever more incompetent civil servants. It is ever more evident that the players in this charade are cross protective of each other.

I am sick to death of being conned by parliament and civil service sleaze. The integrity of the nation is sliding away down Whitehall sewers. For instance the Commissioner felt justified in claiming a dozen or so times that the seriously dysfunctional HMRC were accountable? Er no, they are fraudulent! The whole nation knows that HMRC is seriously incompetent and fraudulent big time! No-one is allowed to rebut this ‘old pals act’ procedure at the Tribunals.

Civil servants have stood aside these cases for some five years, have manipulated, stage-managed appeals, allowing government lawyers to manoeuvre the corrupt acts against us out of sight, hiding them under the carpet. For civil servants to have such fraudulent long term control over complaining members of the electorate is something altogether what Orwell predicted, government officials treading on your face forever!
There are procedural failures and failure by individual HMRC officials; it all comes out in the melting pot in what Vince Cable describes as "Cultural failure, an all pervasive management mess for which everybody is to blame, but no individual is responsible".

Even complaints to the Parliamentary Ombudsman results in bias. This is real iron curtain/banana republic stuff. Such dishonest governmental actions against the electorate are destroying the nation. Parliament is guilty of promoting despots to key positions within the complaints process. One hears they cannot be got rid of.

And what of the public sector cover-up culture as despotic public sector nepotism? The ‘old pals act’ is more powerful than the ‘rule of law’. HMRC's complaints procedures are no more than cesspits of denial, eroding away democracy.

However, the protection of the public sector status quo has become an evil prescription that enables sleaze to thrive within virtually every nook and cranny in Whitehall.

HMRC who is guilty of treating us so corruptly - have been guilty of numerous crooked exercises. It could be argued that the HMRC are not fit to hold court over honest criticisms from members of the electorate. Some examples include;

(1) HMRC legal department has been caught out as being dishonest in British courts and it’s claimed their acts within Tribunals need watching.

(2) The Parliamentary Accounts Committee reports that virtually half the fraud across all government departments was taken by Revenue staff.

(3) The HMRC Chief Operating Officer, who helps bring villains to account and even imprison them, was removed from office, (a nice friendly old pals act - no trial for him). A matter of some £100k was involved.

(4) The infamous blaming of junior staff for the loss of personal data on 25 million people has now been found to be due to HMRC "Serious institutionalised deficiencies".

(5) We at one stage suffered from Inland Revenue's institutionalised corruption after a dodgy internal investigation found that a Revenue employee, who had treated us corruptly, had done so with the ‘Best of Intentions’.

(6) Accountancy Web suggested that someone was needed to weed out the cultural incompetence of the HMRC.

(7) From the House of Lords we hear, regarding HMRC incompetence of its "Lack of awareness in its obligations that go with public service".

As mentioned earlier, academics have claimed we need strong accountable arrangements to "Keep the bastards honest". This public sector scandal of ineptitude, lack of integrity and severe incompetence will need several years of cluncking fists before it can be cleansed. Such cleansing will need much political will - do we have it?

The British people deserve an honest public sector.
The electorate is becoming outraged that too many civil servants and politicians are not being called to account for their diabolical actions.

As someone once said, "British politics increasingly attracts moral and intellectual pygmies"; this applies to the public sector in general. The Home Office, famous as the first to be described as ‘unfit for purpose’, infamous for ‘sex for favour’ demands, has unscrupulously spent/claimed some £11 million on taxis, hotels and flights for 2007. A nice little earner? Another severe lack of accountability?

This is not a party matter. It’s all about the serious lack of public sector accountability. Our soldiers are dying trying to promote our squalid version of ‘nose in the trough’ democracy.
There is a tendency for civil servants and quangos to evade or subvert accountability with defensive routines and murky behaviour, what might be called ‘accountability deficits’. There may be some reluctance by Parliament, because of its own sleaze, to come to grips with the often incompetent, fraudulent and at times corrupt public sector.

There is no accountability and no justice! The not-so-public service which is has demonstrated nothing more than despostic public sector nepotism.
So what can we do and whats the bottom line?

Well... There are 60 million of us and only 646 of them. You do the math.

UK's super rich in bed with HMRC

Dear HMRC,

Your gold-digging ways have just been exposed by the Watchdog.  How did you forget to shut them up and prevent them from outing you?  This is sloppy on your part.  You've spent years getting the court system and judges in your pocket, now go and get the Watchdog and turn them into your bitches.

Anyway, the word is out.  Although you don't fit the usual gold-digging mould of a prostitute, you've proved that you don't need to be a streetwalking crackhead to get money.  HMRC is new way forward.

Click here and check it out.  


Anyway, time to sign off.  Will report back as soon as i confirm these HMRC tossers have caught STD. Sooner the better I say.  


Thursday, 24 March 2011

HMRC's Granny Bashing Antics

Dear HMRC,

I don't believe that anyone who is not working and is of pensionable age should be paying tax at all, however your hard-as-nails debt collectors have managed to threaten to visit the home of a frail 95-year-old widow and confiscate her possessions, even though she has paid too much tax.

The letter warned: 'We are arranging a visit to your house. We will view your possessions and list those that we will sell at auction. We strongly advise you to avoid this as it will cost you much more to pay this way and can be embarrassing.'

Ironic really as it turns out that the embarrassment is all HMRC's - again! It's been plastered all over the internet here, here and here for the world to witness your tough stance on old people.

If you insist on bullying old and vulnerable widows because they are easy targets - at least make damn sure that they actually owe you money.


Saturday, 19 March 2011



"We live in a country which is committed to the rule of law. Central to that commitment is that justice is done in public - that what goes on in court and what the courts decide is open to scrutiny1. This is not a new fundamental principle. In 1829, for instance, Bayley J in Daubney v Cooper said this,

‘. . . we are all of the opinion, that it is one of the essential qualities of a Court of Justice that its proceedings should be in public, and that all parties who may be desirous of hearing what is going on, if there be room in the place for that purpose, - provided they do not interrupt the proceedings and provided there is no specific reason why they should be removed – have the right to be present for the purpose of hearing what is going on

The full report is right here....

Until Legal certainty is given back and tribunal decisions are not blatantly biased and bigoted, I remain of the view that there is no rule of law, or the rule of law applies to some and not others.

So when I think of a Judge doing "justice", I still see this...........,

Friday, 18 March 2011

Cutting HMRC's Red Tape

The Telegraph has launched a campaign to cut through red tape. So, for all you poor bastards stuck on 'extended verification' for a vat return that you submitted donkeys years ago, then do something about it.

Email: and tell them all about extended verification. I defy anyone to find a better example of extreme red tape.

Do it. You have nothing to lose. HMRC is now known for their incompetence, so the timing is perfect.

Customs raids - Massive FAIL

Dear HMRC,
It has been reported by the BBC that Customs officers raided 20 premises in Witney, Banbury and Watlington on 9 and 10 March.

Apprantley, 57,000 cigarettes, 2.9 kilos of tobacco and a car were siezed to stop the storage and sale of tobacco where no duty has been paid.

HMRC told the press that the tax 'evaded' on the seized products was about £12,000 and that no-one was arrested during the raids.

OK - so riddle me this....

A whopping 20 premises were raised and £12,000 of unpaid duty uncovered.... really? Only £12,000? When the CIA uncover a crime, they usually wait until the opportune moment before pouncing for maximum impact and usually make sure they capture the kingpin.

Twenty premises, £12,000 of unpaid duty and no-one was captured? Oh come on! What you gonna do now? - arrest the buildings?

So, to summarise...... 20 premises at a moment in time where the buildings were unoccupied by anyone and £12,000 of alleged unpaid duty. If no-one was in the buildings, how do you know the duty is unpaid?

It seems to me that someone very dumb, who has no patience decided to get gung-ho and charge in for his ego-fix too early. Self restraint is important yet lacking in all respects.

One big FAIL. You should beg the BBC to withdraw this 'news' because its very embarassing for your already battered image.

And yes... I can talk. I am Dangermouse.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tax Chaos Limps on at HMRC

Dear Mike,

Thank you for going on record to clarify that you need until 2013 to stop the chaos in the tax system. Considering you launched HMRC in 2005 and it became a monumental shitpile by 2008 and has been limping on for three further years since, what difference does two more years make?

Here are four basic things you should think about. Perhaps then, the bucket loads of incompetence by inept morons in your office might just stop. As shit flows downhill, you dear Commissioner, are responsible.

HMRC cannot tell the difference between a 'taxpayer' and 'customer'
HMRC don't understand the difference between 'tax-avoidance' and 'tax-evasion'
HMRC don't give 'legal certainty' and break the rules of 'fiscal neutrality'
HMRC abuse their own employees and the taxpayers.

Try having a go at fixing these four points and the department might.... just might start to gain some respect.

Until then Mike, HMRC remains a pile of steaming shit held in contempt by their own employees and every taxpayer who has to endure the stench when they open your letters.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Above the law - dont you know?

Dear HMRC,

You poor wee bastards have taken so much shite lately. Now it seems that the Treasury Select Committee are taking away your some of your favourite toys.

"HMRC's powers should be limited and should be subject to reasonable challenge in the courts. The public interest in ensuring that HMRC is not sole arbiter of the law overrides the interest in certainty."

Now I know that HMRC are above the law in their domain. I know you've been abusing the taxpayers and your own employees. I know that any private company found doing this would have their balls chopped. But..... that shouldn't apply to you because you are above the law.

Good luck with bashing the shit out of taxpayers for 2011. Remember.... the rules dont apply to you.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Taxwoman steals 60K from Taxman

HMRC have a duty to protect the Revenue and nowadays - themselves as well.

A TAX officer, Elizabeth Gibson swindled her employer HM Revenue and Customs out of £58,042 by making false claims for dead relatives and people who didn't exist.

It took her seven years to get £58k. What a genius she is. The MPs can manage that in one expenses return.

Article here.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

HMRC Greed or Desperation?

HMRC are telling businesses to get out their credit cards. "Cough up for us and max out your credit cards"

The article in the Telegraph is here, but since when do HMRC give this sort of 'tax advice'? Is this a new legislation or another made up policy they are surprising people with?

Desperation or greed? I say its both. In any case, don't pay them anything. Starve this beast. Paying tax is a two way street. They dont honour repayments, so they cant have tax. Here's an idea - offset it you cunts.

Businesses should complain to their MPs about HMRC again and again and again. Keep complaining until their ears bleed and they have to act and do something about this draconian monster.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Time to Cough Up

Dear HMRC,

Someone has contacted me and requested clarification on smoking. Are you planning to increase the duty of cigarettes depending on size?
Apparantly, HMRC will from January 2011 treat any cigarette longer than 8cm (excluding the tip) as a separate cigarette and in a further crackdown, any cigarette which is a further 3cm above the 8cm, will be treated as a third cigarette. Meaning any cigarette 12cm or longer will be treated as three cigarettes, not one. A normal cigarette excluding the tip is 6cm in length.

you fucking what? - which bean counting figure fucker conjured up this shite?

Unfortunately, as my reader currently smokes 30-40 a day, they cannot afford to pay twice or sometimes three times as much and are making plans to take regular trips to Amsterdam in 2011.

I'm no fucking expert but.., do you really want to drive the smoking population out of this country like you have done to the business sector? Will you only be happy when you can see the tumbleweed rolling across the streets? Are you part of Agenda 21's depopulation strategy? I hear that people are even refusing to be buried in the UK now because of your grave digging antics.

You know, if you actually just collected what you are supposed to collect without fucking it up, you wouldn't need to resort to such low life, scum sucking levels of tyrannical behaviour. But hey, fuck them - innit?

Yours sincerely,


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

They're in Cahoots

Yes folks, have a good look at this picture. We are the sheep that have been herded around in whatever direction that HMRC and Kangaroo Courts have seen fit. There are also wolves in sheep's clothing within our pack known as Solictors, Advisors and Barristers. I'm sure some wolves are ok(ish), but overall, you get the general picture.

Great picture stolen from Old Holborn's place.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Extended Verification is Bollocks

The asswipes over at HMRC have been ordered (by the powers that be) that extended verification needs to be executed. Who knows why? Who cares?

In order to protect yourselves, if you haven't already, do the following;

1. Complain about extended or the legal certainty element. Although it is a complete charade and the complaints department is cross protective of itself, it may help to gather these documents.
2. After you reach the end of their shitty complaints procedure, you will be directed to the Adjudicator. Dont expect much from this shambles - the Adjudictor has been recruited by HMRC to check on itself. That's real impartial stuff isn't it?

3. Whilst your complaint is with the Adjudicator, contact your local MP and ask for their help with regards to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. They will send you a form, or write to HMRC, or both.

4. Once the Adjudicator does the cross-protecting thing and sticks up for HMRC with no real argument, you can then take your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

At the end of it all - I bet you get a decision?

Friday, 5 November 2010

Bernadette Kenny leaving HMRC

PAYE misChief Bernadette Kenny is leaving HMRC.

An HMRC spokesman said: "Bernadette Kenny, director general personal tax, is leaving HMRC at the end of January after 5 years with the department. "Bernadette who has been a civil servant for 30 years, has decided that she would like to pursue other career opportunities.

Translation:- Bernadette Kenny is beyond useless and has fantastically failed in her job affecting over 6 million people which must be a record. She therefore needs to consider going into something else. Let's all keep an eye on which new authority will recruit her at the taxpayer's expense.

For the sake of the British Taxpayers and the greater good, she needs to just go home and stay there, making whatever mistakes she wants in her own kitchen.
Incompetent cow.

Article is here