Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tax Chaos Limps on at HMRC

Dear Mike,

Thank you for going on record to clarify that you need until 2013 to stop the chaos in the tax system. Considering you launched HMRC in 2005 and it became a monumental shitpile by 2008 and has been limping on for three further years since, what difference does two more years make?

Here are four basic things you should think about. Perhaps then, the bucket loads of incompetence by inept morons in your office might just stop. As shit flows downhill, you dear Commissioner, are responsible.

HMRC cannot tell the difference between a 'taxpayer' and 'customer'
HMRC don't understand the difference between 'tax-avoidance' and 'tax-evasion'
HMRC don't give 'legal certainty' and break the rules of 'fiscal neutrality'
HMRC abuse their own employees and the taxpayers.

Try having a go at fixing these four points and the department might.... just might start to gain some respect.

Until then Mike, HMRC remains a pile of steaming shit held in contempt by their own employees and every taxpayer who has to endure the stench when they open your letters.


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