Thursday, 30 September 2010

The problem with Gremlins

HMCE and IR as separate entities were indeed wankers in their own right, but they were good wankers who abided by the rule of law.

Unfortunately (for us), the merger of these two units into HMRC has spawned these units into a destructive, evil monster that unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on towns and cities across the country. That is where HMRC is today.

So with the news that a PCG poll found that 71 per cent of its members feel that HMRC should be spilt into two divisions, one for revenue and one for customs, this is welcoming news for the UK population and fantastic news for the economy.

Do it, do it, do it!!!!

Article is here.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Soviet Britain Launches New Slavery Scheme

Read it and weep.

Firms could be forced to send employees’ pay directly to the Government first so that officials can deduct the right amount of tax before earnings can be banked. Plans to replace the Pay As You Earn system – where companies calculate and withhold tax themselves – come after HM Revenue and Customs admitted billions of pounds are not being collected. Officials believe a more centralised system could help eradicate the current problem where nearly 10 per cent of cash owed to the Exchequer goes unpaid.

This is legalised theft by a bunch of legalised thieves. A big brother orwellian proposal and a totalitarian nightmare that would effectively make every working person a state employee overnight.

They will soon be issuing Beer Tokens after you have filled in a twenty page assessment to prove you are not a binge drinker, fat people would, after a medical by the Government Quacks be issued vouchers for healthy food only, car drivers, after a retest costing £60 deducted from the wages that the taxman already has, and filling in a risk assessment costing £30 on the car they drive, could cut greenhouse gasses by only being issued enough petrol vouchers to get to work and back plus one shopping trip. .

But MPs because of their special position in society would be exempt, so would royalty, so would business leaders and contributors to party funding of course...

They make communist China sound good. These Government institutions are there to serve us, yet they are hellbent on enslavement.

Atricle is here

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Law is an Ass - Part 2

These two are back in the press again. Apparantly, they couldn't find the 93 million pounds each needed to avoid being sentenced. They are now serving 10 years on top totalling 17 years.

So, let's just step back a moment and look at sentencing in general:-

  • Raping a woman nets a perpetrator 2 to 6 years,

  • Murder nets maybe 6 to 10 years,

  • Stealing from the socialist government and you will never see the light of day....
I'm not condoning crime of any sort, but logic dictates that sentencing should be 'just' under a 'justice system'. It seems that if you kill thy neighbour, your sentence will be more lenient and if you fuck with the state, they will throw away the key. Money holds more importance than blood to these people.

The Law is an Ass and nothing has changed since the Middle Ages.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Deluded-Arrogant-Bigoted Bitch Speaks

Britain's chief tax collector was accused of astonishing arrogance last night after appearing to complain about having to ‘serve’ every taxpayer. As she was quizzed by MPs about the tax fiasco affecting millions of people, HM Revenue & Customs chief executive Dame Lesley Strathie insisted ‘no mistakes’ had been made by her staff.

No, you are right. HMRC staff have made no mistakes. It is the fault of the 2.3 million taxpayers who over-earned.

Defending her performance amid a barrage of hostile questioning from MPs from all parties, Dame Lesley pointed out that if she were head of a large business she would be able to pick and choose her customers.

err, no you dumb whore of Babylon. Large businesses have to entice their customers who have a choice whether to deal with them or not. The business doesn't "pick and choose", the customer does!?!...... You thick fucking piece of shit.

Tax chiefs hauled to give evidence to the Treasury Select Committee admitted that a staggering 24million people could have had their tax bills miscalculated over recent years. Six million will get letters before Christmas either demanding an average of £1,400 or offering a refund by cheque after a new computer system identified errors in their PAYE accounts.

According to Strathie, miscalculations are not mistakes? Someone pass this dumbass woman a dictionary and a book about businesses and how to acquire customers.

But MPs heard there is a backlog of a further 17.9million ‘unresolved’ tax cases dating back to 2005, which HMRC is hoping to process by 2012. Many of those could now face demands for underpaid tax. Ministers have ordered HMRC to make another climbdown to try to appease public anger.

Its one thing fucking around with businesses and destroying them, but messing with the general working population who barely earn enough money to function on? Me thinks that HMRC is too big for their boots!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Finger pointing antics of HMRC

Dave Fart-nett Blowing Off Again! The grave digging overpaid tax collector and imbecile has just delivered another gaffe, much to my amusement.

With his "I'm not sorry, oh wait, I am sorry" debacle over 1.4 million people getting screwed on PAYE, it is rather funny to see that Mr Hartnett is getting blamed for something that maybe he didn't even do - but hey, he had the means to know right?

Leslie Strathie, HMRC's very own medusa holds the title of Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary on £170k a year is in charge. Dave is not even in charge of PAYE. That is Bernadette Kenny (Director General Personal Tax).

Bernadette Kenny doesn't even report to Dave Harnett, she reports to Lesley Strathie who runs the show.

Now these two bonnie lasses from Scotland are no fucking tax experts....

Leslie Strathie joined the Civil Service in 1971 straight from school as a clerical assistant in the Department of Health & Social Security then spend the rest of her career in the unemployment and benefits side. Bernadette Kenny has Personal tax (including PAYE) and had a career at Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA) and moved to the HMRC after a short time managing the Royal Parks.

I did wonder who they slept with to get those positions, but quickly dismissed the thought. I dont know of any blind men in HMRC who are gagging for it enough to endure giving these two a good seeing to.


As we can see, here are two "well qualified" women getting top jobs and screwing it up, happy to take the salary but then let the man Dave be the fall guy.

what do we care? They can fucking eat themselves from the inside-out so long as they stop terrorising people and abusing their power.

HMRC - we can rely on these useless shower of bastards for more blunders in the future.

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Law is an Ass

Livewire - The Sequel - Out Now!!

So folks, we have European Telecom who sailed to victory in the biased and bigoted Tribunal. Apparantly, the Kangaroo Courts are no longer concerned with trading styles and other irrelevent information which has somehow taken these Judging Robots donkeys to work out after Moses shoved the Court of Appeal decision into their empty numb skull hard drives.

The stench of the Tribunal's bullshit is really starting to fester.
Remember how we all felt when Livewire won? Well that was in 2008. This is just Livewire Part 2. More of the same bullshit to extort you into further debt by giving you false hope. I suggest you show your solicitor the middle finger when it comes to putting your hand in your pocket to pay them. And what for? So you can listen to bigoted Judges criticise you about the way you conduct your business. What's worse is that these chicken shit Judges dont even give you decision in court - they run along and take 2 weeks and send it via a solicitor.

Even posh talking wankers like them know they are being wankers.

Listen up..... It is not a crime to be disorganised, or an incompetent fool or a selfish bastard. Just look at the MPs and HMRC for inspiration as shining and leading examples.

The Tribunals know, and so do the solicitors that we know that they're biased and bigoted. They might as well just call it HMRC's Pocket Tribunal. Version 2 is out now on