Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Law is an Ass - Part 2

These two are back in the press again. Apparantly, they couldn't find the 93 million pounds each needed to avoid being sentenced. They are now serving 10 years on top totalling 17 years.

So, let's just step back a moment and look at sentencing in general:-

  • Raping a woman nets a perpetrator 2 to 6 years,

  • Murder nets maybe 6 to 10 years,

  • Stealing from the socialist government and you will never see the light of day....
I'm not condoning crime of any sort, but logic dictates that sentencing should be 'just' under a 'justice system'. It seems that if you kill thy neighbour, your sentence will be more lenient and if you fuck with the state, they will throw away the key. Money holds more importance than blood to these people.

The Law is an Ass and nothing has changed since the Middle Ages.

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