Friday, 17 September 2010

Deluded-Arrogant-Bigoted Bitch Speaks

Britain's chief tax collector was accused of astonishing arrogance last night after appearing to complain about having to ‘serve’ every taxpayer. As she was quizzed by MPs about the tax fiasco affecting millions of people, HM Revenue & Customs chief executive Dame Lesley Strathie insisted ‘no mistakes’ had been made by her staff.

No, you are right. HMRC staff have made no mistakes. It is the fault of the 2.3 million taxpayers who over-earned.

Defending her performance amid a barrage of hostile questioning from MPs from all parties, Dame Lesley pointed out that if she were head of a large business she would be able to pick and choose her customers.

err, no you dumb whore of Babylon. Large businesses have to entice their customers who have a choice whether to deal with them or not. The business doesn't "pick and choose", the customer does!?!...... You thick fucking piece of shit.

Tax chiefs hauled to give evidence to the Treasury Select Committee admitted that a staggering 24million people could have had their tax bills miscalculated over recent years. Six million will get letters before Christmas either demanding an average of £1,400 or offering a refund by cheque after a new computer system identified errors in their PAYE accounts.

According to Strathie, miscalculations are not mistakes? Someone pass this dumbass woman a dictionary and a book about businesses and how to acquire customers.

But MPs heard there is a backlog of a further 17.9million ‘unresolved’ tax cases dating back to 2005, which HMRC is hoping to process by 2012. Many of those could now face demands for underpaid tax. Ministers have ordered HMRC to make another climbdown to try to appease public anger.

Its one thing fucking around with businesses and destroying them, but messing with the general working population who barely earn enough money to function on? Me thinks that HMRC is too big for their boots!

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