Monday, 13 September 2010

Finger pointing antics of HMRC

Dave Fart-nett Blowing Off Again! The grave digging overpaid tax collector and imbecile has just delivered another gaffe, much to my amusement.

With his "I'm not sorry, oh wait, I am sorry" debacle over 1.4 million people getting screwed on PAYE, it is rather funny to see that Mr Hartnett is getting blamed for something that maybe he didn't even do - but hey, he had the means to know right?

Leslie Strathie, HMRC's very own medusa holds the title of Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary on £170k a year is in charge. Dave is not even in charge of PAYE. That is Bernadette Kenny (Director General Personal Tax).

Bernadette Kenny doesn't even report to Dave Harnett, she reports to Lesley Strathie who runs the show.

Now these two bonnie lasses from Scotland are no fucking tax experts....

Leslie Strathie joined the Civil Service in 1971 straight from school as a clerical assistant in the Department of Health & Social Security then spend the rest of her career in the unemployment and benefits side. Bernadette Kenny has Personal tax (including PAYE) and had a career at Department for Constitutional Affairs (DCA) and moved to the HMRC after a short time managing the Royal Parks.

I did wonder who they slept with to get those positions, but quickly dismissed the thought. I dont know of any blind men in HMRC who are gagging for it enough to endure giving these two a good seeing to.


As we can see, here are two "well qualified" women getting top jobs and screwing it up, happy to take the salary but then let the man Dave be the fall guy.

what do we care? They can fucking eat themselves from the inside-out so long as they stop terrorising people and abusing their power.

HMRC - we can rely on these useless shower of bastards for more blunders in the future.

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