Monday, 6 September 2010

The Law is an Ass

Livewire - The Sequel - Out Now!!

So folks, we have European Telecom who sailed to victory in the biased and bigoted Tribunal. Apparantly, the Kangaroo Courts are no longer concerned with trading styles and other irrelevent information which has somehow taken these Judging Robots donkeys to work out after Moses shoved the Court of Appeal decision into their empty numb skull hard drives.

The stench of the Tribunal's bullshit is really starting to fester.
Remember how we all felt when Livewire won? Well that was in 2008. This is just Livewire Part 2. More of the same bullshit to extort you into further debt by giving you false hope. I suggest you show your solicitor the middle finger when it comes to putting your hand in your pocket to pay them. And what for? So you can listen to bigoted Judges criticise you about the way you conduct your business. What's worse is that these chicken shit Judges dont even give you decision in court - they run along and take 2 weeks and send it via a solicitor.

Even posh talking wankers like them know they are being wankers.

Listen up..... It is not a crime to be disorganised, or an incompetent fool or a selfish bastard. Just look at the MPs and HMRC for inspiration as shining and leading examples.

The Tribunals know, and so do the solicitors that we know that they're biased and bigoted. They might as well just call it HMRC's Pocket Tribunal. Version 2 is out now on

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