Friday, 10 March 2017

UK's super rich in bed with HMRC

Dear HMRC,

Your gold-digging ways have just been exposed by the Watchdog.  How did you forget to shut them up and prevent them from outing you?  This is sloppy on your part.  You've spent years getting the court system and judges in your pocket, now go and get the Watchdog and turn them into your bitches.

Anyway, the word is out.  Although you don't fit the usual gold-digging mould of a prostitute, you've proved that you don't need to be a streetwalking crackhead to get money.  HMRC is new way forward.

Click here and check it out.  


Anyway, time to sign off.  Will report back as soon as i confirm these HMRC tossers have caught STD. Sooner the better I say.  


1 comment:

  1. Too ****ing right.I hope the Newcastle United raid puts massive egg on their faces.
    How come HMRC are not responsible for their massive expenditure?
    £5,000,000 they recon, my ***e, 180 officers???? warrants??? all comes out of our coffers, HMRC need to account for every penny spent to what they receive.