Friday, 15 October 2010

HMRC..., the UKs Very Own MAFIA

Today, the word "mafia" is used to refer to almost any organized crime group, and in some cases is even used to describe groups completely unrelated to crime.

­In organized crime there is a hierarchy, with higher-ranking members making decisions that trickle down to the other members of the "family".

HMRC act like the Mafia - both of these groups have goal alignment in their activities:-

1. The ultimate point of the Mafia is to make money. Same applies to HMRC.

2. Both groups use extortian, forcing people to give up their money by threatening them in some way.

3. The Mafia gives 'protection rackets' as part of their extorian scheme and HMRC use the 'public purse' as their justification. (public funds for quangos, gold plated pensions and extravagent expenses)

4. The Mafia makes money by participating in virtually any activity that is illegal. HMRC participate in every activity both legal and illegal (so they are worse)

5. The Mafia will hijack trucks and unload entire shipments of stolen goods. HMRC will take all vat reclaims and pocket those.

6. The current Mafia took centuries to develop. HMRC developed in 2005 and reached Mafia status within 12 months.

7. Both groups are so powerful that their criminal activities are never reported or acted upon.

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  1. This is true.

    When are the ordinary people going to wake up to this fact and do something about it?