Thursday, 28 October 2010

HM Revenue & Crooks Inquiry

Apparantly, MPs are launching an inquiry into the effectiveness of HM Revenue & Crooks.

The Treasury sub-committee inquiry will focus on "how HMRC is doing its job, whether it can do it better, and what the future holds" following last month's comprehensive spending review.

Well we dont need to spend vital public funds to determine what we already know..... that HMRC are crooked to the core.

HMRC has demonstrated a shocking abuse of its wide-ranging powers by attempting to shut down 1000s of businesses with winding up petitions (most of which have failed)

HMRC make absurd allegations and when challenged, claim they are bound by the rules of confidentiality. (er, then dont make allegations you cannot back up)

HMRC blatantly infringe legal certainty by deliberately misrepresenting and twisting court rulings into their own interpretation.

No-one respects HMRC because they are crooked and even their own staff are miserable which reflects how the so-called organisation is being run.

Type HMRC blunders into Google and there are millions of horror stories.

HMRC's complaint procedure is biased and self-protective which does nothing more than erode away democracy.

HMRC call taxpayers customers. They dont see the difference between the two so they are massively incompetent.

the list goes on and on and on.....

article is here

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