Saturday, 23 October 2010

HMRC Despotism

Who are the greatest deceivers of Britain?
Breaking great laws that were once written?
Of crafty deception and trickery...
Comes HMRC’s skullduggery.

HMRC Skullduggery Concept:-

Above the law we are today,
Causing grief and much dismay.
Pay us now or you will suffer,
If we owe you, we’ll be much tougher

Vat that is due, we will surely block
Law is a concept that we just mock
Its not fair and its not right
But we are the ones with all the might

Tax avoidance is now evasion
Tax advice is an unlawful occasion
Means to know or a J.S.L.
Working in the UK is living hell

Abuse of rights and verification
Causing grief and much frustration
Against the law? Yes, we know it is
But that’s what we do – we take the piss

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