Wednesday, 27 October 2010

HMRC helps Vodafone

Angry protestors have caused the closing down of the Vodafone store in Oxford Street, London. Their claim being that Vodafone are tax dodgers who owe £6bn and that this almost covers the welfare cuts announced by the coalition.

Hold on just a minute....

Has anyone thought of asking why HMRC did a deal with Vodafone?

Surely, if Vodafone struck a deal with HMRC, then it should be HMRC to account?

Can someone ask that overpaid, overfed wanker at HMRC Dave Hartnett why he saw fit to move the Vodafone case from his specialists and lawyers to find a softly softly approach to negotiate with Vodafone’s head of tax, John Connors.

Were John Connors and Dave Hartnett gay lovers or something?

In the end, Vodafone were billed for £800m and was decided without consulting HMRC’s litigators and specialists in the tax law. Oh and Dave also agreed that these dodgy arrangements could carry on into the future with a promise of no challenge from HMRC.

So this move from Dave "hypocrite" Hartnett is encouraging tax avoidance.

Does this mean that tax avoidance is only for a select few and the rest of us assholes get thugs at the door because we are not permitted to avoid?

What kind of double-standards and hypocrisy is this from HMRC or is it just a question of sucking the rights person's dick? (in this case the dick being Dave Harnett's)

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