Wednesday, 23 June 2010

EmployerTalk 2010

Dear HMRC,

I was not overly surprised when I opened and read your leaflet and discovered your plans to hold sessions at Ascot Racecourse. This is typical of public sector buffoons like yourselves to find lavish events to dictate your 11th century draconian policies.

Not only are you a shambles as an organisation, but you must lead very miserable lives as your mission seems to be deploying the most nasty, evil-minded, aggressive and downright disgusting policies known to mankind. You should be awarded for that.

HMRC are a diseased organisation that needs medical attention; here are some suggestions and tips you should seriously consider.

Remove those three useless buffoons running HMRC. They suck at their jobs and cant even keep their staff happy. The dictatorship comes from them.
Dave Hartnett is an overfed and overpaid wanker who is too busy wining and dining and growing his belly. Leslie Strathie is an unqualified busy body who has no idea about the real world. There’s another overpaid part-timer tosser who is so part-time I cannot even remember his name! Who is he and what does he do?

Remove the box-ticking, paper-shuffling, pen-pushing bureaucrats. The Labour Party is gone now and there is no need for these morons to be there. They are full of their own self-importance and ego, fuelled by the miniscule power they are given from above.

Dissecting your departments would also be a good start. Clearly, HMRC cant tell the difference between an arse and an elbow. I guess that is a symptom of merging HMCE and Inland Revenue together. Like any doomed marriage, this one will end in divorce or keep limping on in denial of the inevitable. Are you throwing printers and phones at each other yet?

Oh and finally, stop calling us customers you idiots. NHS have patients, MPs have constituents and you have taxpayers. No wonder you lot are fucked. You dont even realise that!

Stop sending me your shit. I dont want it and the less I have to do with you lot, the happier my life is.

Yours sincerely,


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