Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Budget

Dear HMRC,

I was extremely pleased to learn today that there is a two year pay freeze for public sector workers earning over 21k per annum. This is fantastic news for you guys! Just think, you’ll be saving real money which you can add to the millions of pounds of penalties you shower the unsuspecting taxpayers with.

You’re also quids in with the vat rise. Not only can you collects billions of pounds, you can also conjure up even more by not repaying businesses their vat that is due. So a combination of collection and thievery should make you even more powerful.

Soon, you will be able to overthrow the coalition government and dethrone The Queen. After this, you can take your army of officers and start invading Europe followed by the rest of the world. You can do it, I am rooting for you!

We will all have to hail you as the rulers of the World with our nazi salutes or be fined for not obeying your orders. Please, dont start shooting people will you?

Yours sincerely,


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