Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Another Seminar...Same shit, same people, different company name

Oh Yipeee, there is another Seminar being held called "Tactics for Success" by BTG Tax (the same people from Vantis)

Although I would love to attend to see what shit shovelling exercise is now being fed to us, I would prefer to actually shovel real shit instead.

Bottom line:- Since the ruling at the Court of Appeal and during this 'interim' period between that and the Supreme Court, the biased and bigoted Tribunals are working on the balance of probabilities. With developing jurisprudence continuing on (because the law is an actual fucking ass), it would be better to keep your case on a slow burner until some fucking cunt actually applies the rule of law.

There is no point in pleading a case when there is no rule of law and your fate is decided on a balance of probabilities shrouded in opinion with no factual evidence.

Your solicitors and advisors will not tell you this. Seminar details here

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