Monday, 26 July 2010

HMRC Tax Avoidance & 3rd Party Payments

Chief information officer Deepak Singh was paid £149,500 by HMRC to work three months beyond his leaving date.

Really? And what did he do to earn such a fee when normal businesses cannot get what they're owed from you? you wankers!

Revenue & Customs paid senior official Singh the six figure sum for the period 19 June 2009 to 18 September 2009, accounts filed by the tax office show.
Singh had a three year contract at HMRC earning £160,000 per annum, ending in June last year. However, for three months from 19 June to 18 September, HMRC paid Singh £149,500 through his company Orwell Consulting.

Can I set up Cromwell Consulting and bill you for consultancy on Kittel? you know you need it.

Listed under "Third party payments for services of a senior manager", HMRC's accounts show £149,500 was paid to Orwell Consulting Ltd "for the services of Deepak Singh (a director of that company) who held the position of Acting Chief Information Officer".

You fucking what? Third party payments? Your dumb accountant should know that this term has been outlawed even if 3rd party payments are still legal.

Singh said he informed the tax office of his daily rate and it was "willing" to pay it, according to reports. HMRC's decision to allow Singh to be paid through his consultancy business would have substantially cut the former CIO's tax liabilities. Singh is liable for corporation tax of up to 28%, significantly lower than the higher-rate of income tax of 40%. HMRC is reported as saying it will ensure no tax is avoided as a result of the arrangement.

So what is good for the goose is not good for gander in the dictatorship world of HMRC?

Hypocrytical cunts.

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